"The glory of God is the human person fully alive" - Irenaeus of Lyon

The greatest gift and privilege we have received while pursuing Jesus in the nations is to experience first hand the utter beauty and diversity of humanity. The human family, while deeply diverse and vast, we've come to realize is intrinsically connected. Wrapped up in the same cloth. Every one of us longs for love and friendship... every one of us responds to beauty with awe and wonder. We all feel the pain of loss. It's important to understand that the diversity of humanity and human culture is no threat to the heart of God, it is in actuality the doorway through which we can see the breadth of His love for us all. 

The following are an ever evolving collection not just of our photography, but of experiences of human connection. Our lives have been wrapped up in the lives of all these people. We have met them along the way, shared meals with their families, sung songs with them, prayed with and for them. Some are following Jesus now, some are not. Some are still alive, some are not. We don't expect you to share the same emotional response to these images as we have, but we want to share their beauty with you because they bear the image of God. We sure them especially for those of you who support our journey prayerfully and financially ... because your lives are physically wrapped up in theirs as well. (**click the images to scroll through the gallery)

“Compassion grows with the inner recognition that your neighbor shares your humanity with you. This partnership cuts through all walls which might have kept you separate. Across all barriers of land and language, wealth and poverty, knowledge and ignorance, we are one, created from the same dust, subject to the same laws. and destined for the same end. With this compassion you can say, ‘In the face of the oppressed I recognize my own face and in the hands of the oppressor I recognize my own hands. Their flesh is my flesh, their blood is my blood, their pain is my pain, their smile is my smile. Their ability to torture is in me, too; their capacity to forgive I find also in myself. There is nothing in me that does not belong to them too; nothing in them that does not belong to me. In my heart, I know their yearning for love, and down to my entrails I can feel their cruelty. In another’s eyes I see my plea for forgiveness, and in a hardened frown I see my refusal. When someone murders, I know that I too could have done that, and when someone gives birth, I know that I am capable of that as well. In the depths of my being, I meet my fellow humans with whom I share love and have life and death.” - Henry Nouwen (The Wounded Healer)

For nearly 15 years now Steve has been writing and recording music, and while the shape of his sound has shifted and matured with time, his heartbeat to use music as a catalyst for good hasn't wavered. His most recent album "Songs of Sorrow / Songs of Hope" is an attempt to reaffirm the place of lamentation within the world of congregational worship music. These are songs written all over the world and in all kinds of circumstances which are meant to both comfort and challenge faith communities. A comfort and affirmation for all of us who mourn and struggle and weep and doubt and a challenge for us all to love deeper and wider and more recklessly. Have a listen to a selection of some of the songs below and head on over to STEVESCHALLERT.COM to stream/purchase the whole record. 

In 2010 Diane got a sewing machine for Christmas. A week later she found out she was pregnant. She had never touched a sewing machine but began to sew (very humble) little outfits and accessories for the baby. Over the years, driven by a need to create with her hands, she kept sewing and in 2015 opened an online shop called Hello, Margot. She sells handmade children's items. It fulfills her need to create and helps pay the bills. VISIT HELLOMARGOT.CO TODAY!