Steve is a contemplative truth seeker, a musician and teacher with a passion for proclaiming freedom, an inquisitive risk-taker and can always be found with book (or a baby - often both!) in hand. Diane is a compassionate mother, has a fervor for community and likes to make things with her hands. Margot Day is outgoing and sensitive - a total “people” person. She loves making new friends, listening to and making music, drinking smoothies and exploring the world around her. Vera Lizz is a quirky artist with a huge heart. She smiles coyly and though she may take some time to warm up to new friends, once you've won her heart you're in for life. Desmond Reverie loves to wander and climb into every nook and cranny he can wiggle his little body into. He loves music and getting dirty. He has a heart as wide as an ocean liner. Fable Grace is wide eyed and hopeful, patient and all smiles amid the wild hustle of our life together.

Since 2008 our ever growing tribe has been in the pursuit of a life shaped by the mercy of God. That wild and ragged pursuit has given our family the privilege (albeit it sometimes feels more like a bad joke) to call countless homes "home"... we've slept in hundreds of beds, moved internationally on multiple occasions, circled the globe dozens of times, flown on thousands of airplanes and have cried in many an airport terminal. We keep doing this to ourselves because we believe that Jesus is the hope of the world and that all of creation is groaning for His love. We joyfully look back at the many adventures that we have had the privilege to be a part of. 

Together we volunteer with a global, grass-roots missions "organism" known as Youth With A Mission (YWAM). YWAM is the wider clan to which our tribe belongs. Our journey with YWAM hasn't always been an easy one, in fact we've nearly called it quits plenty of times... but we've also seen the love of God radically transform peoples lives in places like Afghanistan, Egypt, Haiti, Pakistan and South Africa... and that love has also transformed our family. So we press on into the unknown and we welcome you to come alone with us. 


is a tool for communication. It is a link between our everyday and yours. It is NOT everything. Some days we are good at “keeping in touch” and somedays we fail at it. We ask Jesus for guidance in what to share with the world - whether it is a gripping story about someone who chose to follow him or a heart wrenching one about someone who chose not to. We want to share the “fun” stuff and the personal, the stories about how our kids are learning about how God is “like a daddy”. Our posts will not be glamorous, because our lives are not glamorous. 


Each time we travel (especially with the babies) or move somewhere new we tend to get a mix of responses from family members, friends and supporters. Responses ranging from excitement to concern to alarm, “you’re going WHERE?” Aren’t you scared? Isn’t it dangerous? Isn’t it hard?" etc.

These questions have been with us from the very beginning of our pursuit and our answers to these questions have varied from place to place. There have certainly been hardships and joy in each place. But for us the cost has never been, “what if we get sick?” (we have, by the way, gotten very, very sick) or “what if something “bad” happens”. “What if our possessions are stolen?” (they have been) or “what if we are put on the blacklist in the USA so that every time we fly somewhere we are prone to questioning?” (ahem, looking at you Mr. Schallert). These are the realities that honestly become easy to deal with after a while. Coming face to face with poverty and violence, prostitution, racism - those things are hard but they are not the hardest. For us the hardest part has always been the way that our relationships with loved ones changes. Every birthday party that we miss. Not being able to “just drop by” your mom’s house or your best friend’s house. Being a million miles away when your new niece/nephew is born or when your sister is diagnosed with cancer. The constant pull in your heart when you think of loved ones and how our decision to be “here” means that we aren’t “there”. We don’t say these things to whine or complain, but rather to be transparent. For this website is a peek at our life - not the whole picture. 

"You can only obey God," she wrote to a friend who faced the breaking of human ties to follow Christ. "Let us give ourselves away to Him for His world---away down to the deepest depths of our being, time, influence---and home if He calls us to it; but our heart of hearts first."

"Separation has nothing austere or narrow about it when it is unto Him. To bear His Name with all that is wrapped up in it of fragrance and healing and power, to enter into His life and share His eternal purpose, is a calling for which it is well worth counting all things but loss." (LR.Govan Stewart: The Love That Was Stronger)

off we go.