Steve is a contemplative truth seeker, a musician and teacher with a passion for proclaiming freedom, an inquisitive risk-taker and can always be found with book (or a baby - often both!) in hand. Diane is a compassionate mother, has a fervor for community and likes to make things with her hands. Margot Day is outgoing and sensitive - a total “people” person. She loves making new friends, listening to and making music, exploring the world around her. Vera Lizz is a quirky artist with a huge heart. She smiles coyly and though she may take some time to warm up to new friends, once you've won her heart you're in for life. Desmond Reverie loves to wander and climb into every nook and cranny he can wiggle his little body into. He loves music and playing in dirt. He has a heart as wide as an ocean liner. Fable Grace is wide eyed and curious, patient and the sweetest little doll baby you will ever meet. 

Since 2008 our ever growing tribe has been in the pursuit of a life shaped by the mercy of God. Together we volunteer with a global, grass-roots missions "organism" known as Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  We have seen the love of God radically transform peoples lives in places like Afghanistan, Egypt, Haiti, Pakistan and South Africa... and that love has also transformed our family. So we press on into the unknown and we welcome you to come alone with us. 


is a tool for communication. It is a link between our everyday and yours but it is not everything. Some days we are good at “keeping in touch” and somedays we fail at it. We ask Jesus for guidance in what to share with the world - whether it is a gripping story about someone who chose to follow him or a heart wrenching one about the pain we are learning to cope with in the world and in ourselves. We want to share the “fun” stuff and the "personal" stuff, the stories about how our kids are learning about what God is like. It's an ever evolving journey and this website is an ever fragile place where we seek to communicate some of those wanderings.