Youth With A Mission or YWAM (pronounced “WYE-wam”) is an inter-nationalinter-denomination and inter-generational movement of Christians dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. We are a wild and viral tribe encompassing thousands of people and hundreds of ministries in almost every country of the world... In every case, our passion is to know God and to make Him known

We are a mixture of people from all over the world, from 149 countries in fact. In many of our locations, people from a wide variety of nations serve side by side. We come from numerous different Christian denominations and speak hundreds of languages. Nearly half of our staff come from “non-western” countries, such as Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, India and Nepal. In addition to our full-time staff, many YWAM locations host short-term outreach teams made up of individuals, youth groups, families and churches who get to participate first-hand in “making God known” through both words and actions. We send out over 25,000 short-term missionaries each year.

There are three strands of ministry weaving throughout all that YWAM does:


YWAMers want to share the love of Jesus effectively in ways that the audience–whether teenagers, elderly refugees, or an unreached people group–will understand. YWAM also engages in church planting among unreached people groups.


Mercy Ministry is the “hands and feet” of making God known. YWAM helps meet some of the practical and physical needs of about 400,000 people annually. Caring for street children in South America; aiding in the recovery of drug addicts in North America and Western Europe; feeding and housing thousands of refugees and women in need in Africa and the Middle East, and operating a whole fleet of ships that declare the good news practically and verbally, are just some of the ways in which helping hands are extended.


Through training and active discipleship we aim to better equip Christians to serve others in everything from agriculture and health care, to drug rehabilitation and biblical counseling. Through YWAM’s University of the Nations (UofN), missionaries can study in specialized areas such as science and technology, linguistics, the humanities, and Christian ministry. Most YWAM schools combine classroom teaching with relationship-centered discipleship and practical service. The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a requirement for applying as YWAM staff globally, and serves as a prerequisite to all other training programs.

Each year some 10,000 students attend a UofN school at one of our 250 different locations.